Conservative CANDIDATE

Mac Butler is endorsed by...

  • Alabama Citizens for Life
  • Alabama Forestry Association

Mack Butler is the common sense conservative Republican we need in Montgomery.

Mack has voted in Montgomery to reduce taxes and state bureaucracy, and make government work for us. He opposes federal government intrusion on the states and will stand with other conservatives to fight for Alabama.

Mack on the Issues...

  • Mack is a conservative we can trust to represent our values and issues which matter most to Etowah and St. Clair counties.
  • Has 29 years of real-world, business experience that we need to help create jobs and economic development for our area.
  • Knows that cutting taxes and ending wasteful spending will help our working families and small businesses.
  • Will fight for education, jobs, pro-life legislation and protection of 2nd Amendment gun rights.

Mack Butler is a strong supporter of Governor Bentley, and works closely with the Governor's office to find ways to bring jobs and economic development to St. Clair and Etowah Counties.